Outdoor Comfort Recipe - Surface Outdoor Temperatures

Is it possible to input surface outdoor temperatures into the Outdoor Comfort Recipe component from another software? As others have mentioned on the forum, the EnergyPlus results for outdoor surface temperature are not always logical (i.e. asphalt produces a lower outdoor surface temperature than moist soil). Therefore, I’m trying to use the Outdoor Comfort Recipe and Microclimate Map components but with other data for the surface outdoor temperature. I’m running into issues getting this to work since the data is not coming from an EnergyPlus simulation. If anyone has an example file who has made this work please let me know. Thanks for your help in advance!


If you could provide a sample file generated by “another software”, that’d be useful for others to help you.

Basically, if you could get the raw data from “another software” in a format that Note Pad or Excel could open, that means you could import it into Grasshopper very easy.
Once you have them in GH, then you can just format them, for instance, adding header, grouping by zones, before plug into Outdoor Comfort Recipe component.

if you think all above is too complicate, go to “EnergyPlus” study folder; open “in.csv”; and replace columns that contain surface outdoor temperature value with your own data. Use “LookupFolder_EnergyPlus” and “readEPSrfResult” to read adjusted data into Grasshopper.
Note, be careful with this workflow. This “in.csv” will be override if you rerun the simulation.

Thanks @MingboPeng! Apologies for the delayed response I did not see your response until now. We tried to replace the values in the in.csv file but were still running into some other issues such as surface temperature values not making sense between different material types so we decided to use a different workflow. Thanks for your input.