Outdoor Daylighting Analysis to find hot spots from reflected rays

Hi, I have been trying to trace the impact of reflected rays from a glass facade. I tried ray tracing, daylighting analysis, radiation analysis for the same. In ray tracing, I am getting the visuals, but if I am trying to quantify the same by doing the analysis with daylighting module (#honeybeee) I am unable to get the impact of reflected rays. Tried changing glass material by changing reflectance, transmittance, mirror material, etc but still unable to see any impact on the grid.
Can anyone help?

This would be a way to go about it.

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Hi @devang I am able to do that as I mentioned I am able to get the visuals of ray tracing. What I want is to quantify the same on a grid.

Interesting, Can you share a minimum version of your script?

Solar & Glare final.gh (928.6 KB)

Thanks for the file but the necessary information is not internalized/ Please see this