Outdoor-Indoor Comfort: Simulation doesn't work

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I’m Cristina and I’m trying to run an energy simulation to study how outdoor and indoor comfort change according to constructions zone. Considering the ground as a zone, I have set a grid for it, that I have modelled as in the script Outdoor_Microclimate_Map from Hydra, but simulation doesn’t work. I have tried to run it without this setting for the ground and it works fine, so I think that the problem is relative to ground zone.

I’m attaching 3d model and script:
Outdoor_Indoor_Comfort 23052018.gh (1.4 MB)
Model Outdoor_indoor_comfort 23052018.3dm (8.9 MB)

Reference script:
Outdoor_Microclimate_Map.gh (714.2 KB)

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Ground Zone was not single-closed brep as a correct zone.

please find attached
groundCan_omr.gh (35.5 KB)

Hi @OmidmRashidi, i’ve tried with your solution for the ground, but simulation gives the following error:

This is the script with your changes:
Outdoor_Indoor_Comfort 29052018.gh (1.4 MB)

What does it refer this message of error?

Thanks to everyone will fix the problem,


Outdoor_Indoor_Comfort 29052018.gh (1.5 MB)
This file worked at my end.

Hi, thanks for your answer! I’m trying to run the simulation, but it says that there is a problem with Ground Zone volume. What is your version of Energyplus and OpenStudio?

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OpenStudio 2.1
EnergyPlus 8.5

Thanks very much for fixing my problem, now it works!! :slight_smile: I’ve downloaded these exact version of OpenStudio and Energy (with last versions it gave me errors, but now it seems that work fine!).

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