Outdoor Microclimate map inaccurate

Hello guys,

I was doing some studies with microclimate maps for outdoors (Adelaide - South Australia) and I am having unrealistic results. I saw another post about that, but I couldn’t find a reasonable answer for that issue.

In my model I have asphalt, concrete and grass cover.

The surface temperatures results seem to be accurate regarding the different materials that I have, but the results from the microclimate map component are telling me that the grass is actually hotter than the asphalt.

What could possibly be wrong?

This script would be used for students so they can test different urban arrangements.
I know that envi-met would do more accurate simulations, we are already using it in another course, but we would like to have another option that could be easier, for quick studies.

Any suggestions?


Microclimate_ANALYSIS_3.gh (726.0 KB)