Outdoor Microclimate Map with version 1.3?

Hello, i find many different examples created with previous version 0.65

But in the new version 1.3 i don’t find how to set materials and other settings like in the old version

For example how to assign different materials and create models from these areas and the trees?

And how to setup the grid to show the final result?

I did some tests but i need the right informations

microclimate LBT 1.30.gh (1.1 MB)

Hi @seghier ,

My suggestion for a case like this is to use the legacy microclimate maps until we eventually release LBT 1.4. The microclimate maps in LBT 1.3 don’t do a full longwave MRT calculation with surface view factors and so they won’t account for material choices like that. The microclimate maps in LBT 1.3 are really only suitable for indoor thermal comfort analysis and they won’t be suitable for the outdoors until LBT 1.4.

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Thank you @chris for the clarification