Outdoor_solar-temperature_adjust- user object file is corrupt

Hi all,

I wnated to update my Outdoor_solar-temperature_adjustor component, so I downloaded it from Github and delete the old one and simply drag and drop the new one into the canvas, but a message up in Rhino appears (attached screenshot) that my User object file is corrupt and it doest work, doesn´t appear in the LB

Can anybody help me



Hi Peter, Latest version works fine on my system. Can you replace it with the attached file?

Ladybug_Outdoor Solar Temperature Adjustor.ghuser (301 KB)

Hi Mostapha, it works

thanks a lot



Glad that this all worked out. Mostapha, do you think that this was an issue with downloading that just happened to affect the solar-adjusted temperature component or there was something specifically problematic about the solar-adjusted temperature component? As far as I can tell, it seems like the former but let me know otherwise.

Hi Chris,

First, thanks for the fantastic components. And the thing with dowloading… first I tried it through right click and save as(on the github, it was dowloaded without problem)but this files desn´t worked (corrupted) , than I downloaded it from Mostapha from here just clicking on it, and than I dowloaded the whole bunch of components from github again but now I opened each one and clicked on RAW… and they are working now.

I think it was my mistake. sorry for that.




It’s all good. Thank you for the detailed response!


Hi guys,

So I updated everything and… this is happening ,sometimes help just to recompute, but afterwards it appears when I change something



IMRT_error.gh (352 KB)

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Thanks! It is indeed exciting. :slight_smile: