Outdoor thermal comfort study solarMRT component outputs unexpected amount of values

Hi there,

I unfortunately can’t upload the files because I’m a new user.

I am attempting to run a UTCI study, but am running into an issue with the outdoorsolarMRT component. My model runs HumantoSky first, then OutdoorSolarMRT and then UTCI.

Whenever I define a time period that’s longer than 1 hour, this component outputs more values than I’m expecting.

I am running 2 hours for 79 locations in the model: as expected I get 2 x 79 = 158 values from fractional body exposure for the HumantoSky component. However, the OutdoorSolarMRT component then gives 158 x 2 = 316 values for mean radiant temperature. I might be misunderstanding the amount of values to be expected, but I would expect this also to give 158 values and not duplicate the number of values.

Uploaded the gh script, but I can’t upload the Rhino model unfortunately because of confidentiality.

UTCI script.gh (449.5 KB)

Ah, now I can upload scripts. I unfortunately can’t upload the context geometry because of confidentiality, so the script won’t run.

Hi @doraev ,

This doesn’t seem unexpected to me. You said this was a 2-hour study right? So, for each sensor, you get a data tree branch with 2 values.

FYI, if you want to avoid getting this deep into data trees and run a more accurate version of this Solar MRT study (that accounts for shortwave reflections using Radiance), I recommend using the HB UTCI Comfort Map.