OutdoorComfortCalculator: dryBulbTemperature input for each point of a mesh

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create an outdoor comfort map of a space with non-uniform air temperature that I know before-hand. I have an air temperature value for each node of a mesh that matches a mesh I created with Grasshopper.
My question is: how can I calculate the UTCI for each node of my mesh?

Thank you in advance.

For the case someone struggles with the same issue, I figured out what I was doing wrong.
It was just a matter of lack of knowledge about Grasshopper’s data structure. I was using a list read from a csv file as input for the air temperature in each point when I should be using a tree with a branch per point. So instead of generating a set of results, each associated to a determined point in space (aligned with the SolarAdjustTemperature output), I was getting the same amount of results as points in each point of my domain.