Output parameters of DecnstrMod

I Create an opaque radiance modifier from red, green, and blue reflectances. Then According to the attached image, Deconstruct a modifier into a radiance string. Now There are 3 parameters that I don’t know exactly what is it and how can change it.


The first number on each row notes the number of items in the row. For instance 5, in the 3rd row says that it has 5 values in it.
This is Radiance format and you probably don’t want to change it.

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@AbrahamYezioro Thank you for your good answer
But in the first and second rows, that value is zero, do you know what it is? I mean, why should it be?

Those are part of the Radiance format for plastic material, as any other type of material does.
I suggest to investigate on Radiance basics, plenty of them in the net. Look for the Radiance website.