Outside Boundry Condition Object Problem


Hey guys,

I am trying to get energy simulation of a building, I have set the whole model and parameters but once I run the simulation I get an error which I attached its picture, I have 61 zones overall and some of them randomly have invalid outside boundary condition. I have set the whole model right and it seems that my model is okay but I cannot find out what is the problem. And the thing is I want to set the model the way I did it and I can not simplify that because I wanted to assign interior windows and also different programs for different zones. I have attached the model and grasshopper file.

I would appreciate your help with my problem.

Looking forward for your response.

energy model.3dm (2.13 MB)
energysimulation.gh (694 KB)


one thing I am not sure is the way I set solar chimneys. Not sure if that is the right way and if not, how should I set my solar chimneys?