Overlay comfort percentage onto zones

Hi, I am sorry but I am coming to trouble you again.
I was trying to overlay comfort percentage onto zones. I tried to use floor mesh as input_mesh, however, it seems ladybug generated diagram on every meshes with individual legends. In addition, several meshes were missing. I tried to use Color Zones with EP Results, but comfort data was not zone data. Could you please help me?

Thank you.

Can you upload your file?


Sorry I forgot

Energy 4_1.gh (932 KB)

I tried to solve the problem by manually setting up legend par, but there are still several floor meshes missing.

In addition, in order to get comfort percentage, I used PsychChart and PMCcomfortCaculator to get comfort percent, but the results are quite different. Could you please help me take a look what is the difference?

Energy 4_2.gh (961 KB)