Paper: An affective kinetic building façade system: Mood Swing

We used Ladybug and Honeybee in the following conference paper presented at Advanced Building Skins last month. Thanks, guys!

Moulton, N., Del Rocco, J., Kider Jr, J.T., & Fiore, S.M. (2018). An affective kinetic building façade system: Mood Swing. Proceedings, 13th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, October 1-2, Bern (pp. 417-426). Wilen, Switzerland: Advanced Building Skins GmbH, ISBN 978-3-9524883-4-8.

ABS hosts the full conference proceedings, but I found a preprint of ours :slight_smile:

Cyber-physcial system being built…


Didn’t get the chance to read the paper but really enjoyed the quality of the graphics.

One suggestion: I would change the default preview color from the redish default value to black before taking the screenshot for graphs with sunpath.

Great suggestion. I completely overlooked that. I’m a tad color deficient, but now that I look closely I can see the difference between the cardinal direction labels and the sunpath compass. I’ll get it next time! I think I at least made the sun itself a little darker to make it easier to see.

Cited you guys as well of course.