Paper: An integration of HB+EMS to assess automated shading control scenarios

Dear Ladybug community,

I would like to share my latest publication entitled “Analysis of the impact of automatic shading control scenarios on occupant’s comfort and energy load” in Applied Energy (IF: 8.84). This paper aims to compare five different open-loop and closed-loop automated shading controls and their impacts on occupant’s thermal/visual comfort and energy loads in an air-conditioned single office space through a brute-force approach. The simulations were done by creating a live linkage between Honeybee and EMS of EnergyPlus for a parametric study.

•Conducting a brute-force method to assess the impact of automated shading controls in 9 climate zones across the world
•Three environmental parameters are significantly effective on results.
•Higher improvements are observed in cities with high environmental variations.
•In the case of targeting a single objective an open-loop control mechanism performed better.
•Activation thresholds have the least impact on indoor operative temperature.

Access to the article:


hi, dear @AMIR TABADKANI recently i read your paper, which is an amazing work. I also need to do research about automated shading control, if I I don’t bother you, I would like to ask you a few questions.

  1. I am new to ems, i wonder can you recommend some learning resources for me? and how can you make a connection between lbt and ems?
  2. for automated shading, except ems, is there any other method we can achieve automatic control?
    many thanks for your time