PAPER: Simulation-based personalized real-time control of adaptive facades in shared office spaces

Dear LBT Community,

This research deals with one of the most critical social constraints we have in a shared space with one distinct question: “How can we control our local visual environment through adaptive facades while we are sharing the space with others with different subjective demands? and, of course, keeping energy consumption under control!” which then this question leads us to a certain answer which should be investigated through human-centered design approaches, or I called it a “Personalized Real-time Control (PRC)”. The designed control system has the potential to be linked with smart interfaces such as smartwatch or smartphones which is an undergoing experiment by myself.

In particular, I developed an innovative simulation-based framework which is the first one in its kind and allows personalization over facade sections/modules through parametric simulation tools and offline Python control programming. The research outcomes showed that allowing occupants to be part of the control could improve both individual visual comfort performance and building energy consumption. And, there are even greater opportunities for future studies.

The control program and simulation data set are available to freely download through the link attached in the paper. Feel free to use it!

Link to the paper (Automation in Construction Journal):