Parallel run for energy models in Honeybee

Hi everyone,
I’m working on calibration and gotta run energy simulation for a big number of cases. right now I’m using fly component to write and run the simulations one after another (works like a batch file). I’m looking for a way I can run the simulations simultaneously? I saw some of you have done it for Daylight simulations, but found nothing for energy plus simulation. I tried Re-Run IDF component with a list of my idf files’ paths, but it didn’t work. It seems it just works for a single idf file.(am I right?)
So here is my question, is there any way I can run these models simultaneously on a super computer?

Didn’t try but i believe the HB_Re-Run IDF can do that. The _idfFilePath input can get a list of idf files to simulate.
Alternatively, outside GH you can use the native EP_Lauch and from there you can batch your simulations. Afterwards you can import the results into HB.

Thanks Abraham! Yea I’d made a mistake in writing up the paths. Now it’s working.