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I am looking into running a parametric analysis for daylight of a shoe box, for example, by changing WWR and Visual Transmittance.
I would like to know your opinion on how retrieve, for example, the values of all the sensors points for the DA, for each and one of the iterations.

A possible way, without me founding a solution, is by using Colibri plugin. I saw that by using the iterator in combination with the aggregator it is possible to match the different parameters with the results when these are one simple value. Do you think it is possible to match the parameters with a set of values?

If you have a solution for the Colibri, or a better one, I am all ears.

Hi @Federico587 ,
The short answer is, yes, Colibri will be your best friend here and you can easily record multiple values with it. This example is for an energy model but you can see that Colibri is being used here to record 3 different parameters: EUI, peak cooling, and peak heating:

Thanks @chris!

I had had a look at this file before, and indeed that was my intention.
The only thing I thought is that if I want to record the data from each and one of my test points, I will end up to connect to the aggregation more than 100 data, so I thought that maybe there could be a workaround.
anyways I will give it a try in a few days and let you know.
Thanks again.
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Most of the time you connect some post-processed results for Collibri. If you only intend to save a copy of the results then create a new folder for each iteration by creating a unique folder name using the input parameters.

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Is Colibri still the best option for parametric analysis using Honeybee?
Also, does anyone know a way to export the results in excel for post-processing data?