Parametric definition of adjacent spaces and window locations

I have a lot of residential plans. I want to investigate them parametrically. The plans can have a different configuration, for example, in one plan the rooms may be located in the south, and the other one is in the north. In this regard, I have some questions, mentioned in the following :

  1. Do the added interior doors have a significant impact on daylight and energy simulation results? If these are effective on the mentioned parameters, according to the parametricity and displacement of the zones, how can it be added?

  2. If I want to create a parametric condition that the boundary between two spaces is an air layer when the open kitchen is Adjacent to the living room, how can do it? and the boundary should be considered an interior wall when it is not Adjacent to the living room.

  3. After the adjacents of each plan is determined, I want to define the windows for the north and south facades. for doing it, one way is the use of HB Apertures by Ratio component. but I want to define windows which their sill height is a fixed amount and their length and width are parametrically variable. I did it for one zone and I had no problem. but it becomes a problem when the number of zones is numerous and adjacents are created,.

Generally, all of my questions are for both versions but I am currently trying to do my project by Ladybug Tools.

hi, can use HB doors component in LBT, then plug into add sub faces in HB add subface.
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3. you can use HB apertures by Ratio component and plug in (lenght (number slider)* width (number slider)) to ratio input.

Hi @Maary
Thanks for your answer

  1. For this problem, I can define the door. But I want to create parametrically by changing each plan in relation to two specific zones. Of course, I solved this problem.
  2. Can you explain more or if you can send a sample file?