Parametric Energi simulation with E+

I have tried to use the same method that is used in the example file “006_Parametric_GridBased” for energy simulation. It does not seem like it is working well with E+, or maybe I am doing something wrong with the setup, but it is exactly the same as the example with daylight simulation.

E+ runs to fast without simulating any hours or noting, just jumping quick to the next case and do the same.

I am using the special component “Run all the iterations” - the selcted sliders that animate the different parametric variation, like WWR and SHGC.


Hi Daniel,
Connect a panel to the report output of the RunEnergySimulation component. You should see there the error(s) you have during the simulation. If you see any “Severe” you probably are defining something wrong and must take care of it.
Or look for the file.err in the output directory.



It sounds like there is something that you are sending into the IDF that EnergyPlus does not like. What does the report out of the “Run Energy Simulation” component say?


When running single runs there is issues with the constructions/windows that I have made. It seems like they do not update when e.g. the TVis change.

Instead I tried to call it from the library, and that worked… but…

As seen on the image it writes it cannot find the glazing/window (note 1) but it exist in the library as seen from the call from library (middle left in the image).

There is several errors, as seen in the image:

Would it be better to call the constructions from “userCustomEPLibrary.idf”?

As written earlier it works ok when running a single run.


It might have something to do with your use of periods in the construction name. Can you try making a window without “.” in the name? Also, uploading the GH file would help.


It did not change anything by removing “.”

Instead I tried to remove TVis from the parametric run. That worked.

Here is a link to the file:…

Any idea why it does not work with TVis?

Hi Daniel. I can’t download the file. It says it has been removed!

Ups… I think I moved the file to another folder :wink:…

It was because of extra white lines between construction definition in your file. It is fixed now! Try the new Honeybee_Honeybee dated Feb 05

The other comment was for import issue. In case of the file you are connecting the material to the component but you need to create a construction. Here is the updated file.

Mostapha (640 KB)

Thanks. Did not know that glazing had to be plug into a construction. But it makes sense :wink: I think it is working now - running some test right now.About customized materials and constructions it still does work 100%. It fells little bit random when it works. After a lot of recompute it works in most cases.


@Mostapha, have you ever experienced with that slider component it just keep looping, and never stops?

Now when having a lot of results, is there anyome there have some good tips/idea on how to manage and visualize things in a easy way?

Hi Daniel,

It fells little bit random when it works.

It should work all the time. If it doesn’t please let us know about the cases so we can get it fixed.

have you ever experienced with that slider component it just keep looping, and never stops?

Do you have a button connected to runItAll component or is it a Boolean Toggle? If you have a Boolean Toggle connected to the component it can cause the issue of having everything run forever.

Now when having a lot of results, is there anyome there have some good tips/idea on how to manage and visualize things in a easy way?

My favorite topic of the day! The best that I know is visualizations like parallel coordinates. Check the pollination project for an example ( I’m planning to develop one for Honeybee soon so you can plot results of parametric analysis and explore the options.


  1. Construction creation - See github comment.

  2. No, I am using a Button. Is it because it can not handle to mush data?

  3. I will take a look. It is similar to a previous research project I was involved in.


Hi Daniel and Mostapha (and probably Chris),

I was thinking in a more short term solution (for now): If all solutions are stored (inputting _idfFileName for each alternative) it should not be so difficult to call them back. Having the list of the files can make this very easy. I will give it a try soon and keep you updated.

The Pollination project will be another hit.


Hi all [too keep it simple! ;)]


  1. I closed that issue. Can you please check the updated component? It should always work.

  2. If you are using a button it should work fine. It’s hard to know why is it happening unless I can reproduce it on my system

Abraham, I think we should have one for sure. What about a lookUp component for energy simulation? It can be very similar to the one that is available for daylighting. Probably making couple of changes to the component will make it happen.


That will work … i think.

I’ll start looking at it.



I found the problem, about why it was looping or freezing all the time. The problem was Data Dam’s! I removed all of them, and then it worked. I have found that Data Dam’s is good when changing slider for e.g. glazing if the model is big.