Parametric EnergyPlus - Outputs not collected

Hi there,

I ran the example The EnergyPlus iterations are running, but the data.csv file does not include any iteration outputs, but only the headers.

Anybody has an idea about the possible problem?

One a side note, I could not figure out in which folder the EnergyPlus model is running and saving the outputs. It seems not to be the folder given to the Aggregator component.


Hello @farhang.tahmasebi,

Path to the folder can be set up in OpenStudio component. There are two inputs for fileName_ and workingDir_. In this file it is left to empty which means simulation files will be overwritten each time.

You can set up the folder name based on input values if you want to keep the folders for each iteration. Here is an example.

Finally, the reason that you only get the headers and no results is collected is most likely because one of the inputs that needs to be set to True is set to False. Did you check this one

cc: @MingboPeng

Thanks @mostapha.
Here my updates on the problem:

  1. You were right about the working folder.
  2. I solved the output collection problem by disconnecting the image setting component from the aggregator. They were connected in the template. Maybe the latest Colibri has a bug or that input should be entered differently.
  3. To keep EP iteration outputs in the folder(s), I thought about your suggestion. But is it enough to give a single name to OS component, or should I prepare a list of names with the same number of rows as my iterations?


You should create the name based on your input sliders and then once you run the studies the definition creates a different name in each iteration. Here is a simple example using fly assuming you have two sliders but you can have as many sliders as you want.

generate_names (18.1 KB)