Parametric Glare Analysis

Hi all,

I wanted to analyze glare in a room. I have several questions regarding the DGP analysis:

  1. The issue is even when the sun in field of view, the DGP is too small. as shown below. Am I wrong somewhere?
  2. For PIT View component, how “view filter” input should be assigned to?
  3. For parametric simulation, can I change the saving image name/directory to store the hdr result of all iterations? (94.1 KB)
    I appreciate your help.


Hi @mostapha and @chris,

I am wondering if you have any idea why I get this weird result. Would be great to help me with the questions I have about DGP analysis.
I appreciate your help.

Hi @masoome,

Can you internalize the geomtry and upload the Grasshopper file again?

@mikkel sorry for that. You can check this one with the internalized geometry. (83.8 KB)


Hi @masoome,

You need to add the view to the model with “HB Assign Grids and View”. I have attached an example. I get a DGP of 1 when I run the example. (80.5 KB)

You can use this if you added multiple views to the model. Then you can filter certain views that you want to simulate. If you do not filter the views it will simulate all views in the model.

One way you can do this is to use “HB Recipe Settings” to add a specific folder for each simulation. You can also change the name of the model for each simulation.


Thank you @mikkel. It works well now. Just the False color image gives me a solid purple image. It seems weird to me. Is there anything that I should consider to have a reasonable result?


Did you add a max value for the legend? If not you should see a tiny yellow dot of the sun. Since the sun is much brighter than everything else in the rendering, all will appear to be the minimum value (purple).