Parsons MArch Adjunct Faculty position

Parsons MArch program is seeking to fill two adjunct faculty positions in Environmental Technology 1 and 2 courses. Below is a short description for each class:

Environmental Technology 1 is uniquely revised to connect with Design Studio 2, Housing Studio, focusing on Thermal Rituals and Thermal Machines. We are looking for an expert individual with an architectural design background (ideally with teaching experience). The class provides the scientific principles, techniques, and design strategies for students to employ in their design studio projects. Generally, the content is divided into three main modules:

  1. Site and Enviorntamal resources (includes: climate analysis, solar geometry, thermal comfort, heat transfer principles, natural ventilation principles, indoor air quality, solar geometry, and passive strategies)

  2. Material properties and performance (includes: materialsā€™ thermal and spectral properties, thermal envelope, moisture control)

  3. Daylighting (light and daylighting principles, solar shading, curtain wall, and glazing considerations)

The class is held in-person and comprises a lecture and recitation session; Tuesdays 12-3 pm and Wednesdays 6-7:15 pm, respectively.

Environmental Technology 2 course connects with Design Studio 4 courses and comprises three distinct five-week modules: electric lighting and daylight assessment, acoustics, and building system and performance. We are currently seeking a faculty to teach the last module on active systems, high-performance design, and energy use. The class is held in-person on Wednesdays, 12-3 pm.

Please contact program director Arta Yazanseta with any inquiries