Passive downdraught evaporative cooling

Hi All,

A bit of background -I’m a mac user (macOS Catalina)- just did a fresh install of ladybug tools 1.4 on Rhino 7. The Rhino was a fresh install, so there were no other versions of the ladybug tools installed.

And just a quick disclaimer - I’m a total novice.

So I have an initial installation query - as I’m using mac and it was a fresh install- should I be installing a Plus version also? As I notice the ladybug & honeybee fly components are not showing with my install of the 1.4.0 only?

Then, what I’m trying to achieve – I’m trying to utilise/update a script by Chris Mackey using honeybee/ladybug for a passive downdraught evaporative cooling tower (energyplus, honeybee, openstudio) to evaluate/suit the parameters of a project I’m working on. Firstly I’m trying to just update the script to the latest version components but I’ve gotten a few errors. Which would definitely be because I’m very new to it all and might have updated/replaced the old components with the wrong new components.

Please if someone could have a look to see where I’m going wrong?

Link to original file by Chris Mackey -,0

Tried to attach my attempt at updating below, but because I’m a new user, seems I can’t upload yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to add my file to the thread below.

Any and all help is much appreciated!!


Still can’t upload the file for review…

Evaporative_Cooling_Tower edited_for (737.5 KB)

My file edited version of Chris Mackey’s - Uploaded above! :slight_smile:

Hey @mdes ,

See here:

@TrevorFedyna and I have already produced an updated version of that sample file for the LBT plugin.


Thanks so much !! Really appreciate that.

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