Period of the direct sunlight hours

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I have a questions:

It´s possible in Honeybee/Ladybug to simulate the period of the direct solar radiation of one or more surfaces, regarding the simulation of one day, one month or a year?

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Can you tell me what are you exactly trying to do? Do you need the value in kWh or are you trying to find the hours that the surface sees the sun (sunlight hours). Both are possible to do but I’m not which one are your trying to achieve.


Dear mr. Roudsari,

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Exactly the hours that the surface sees the sun (sunlight hours).

Has for the case an example or a tutorial where you can see how can handle the plugin?

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Check this example on Hydra.

Hi Mostapha,

I have a related question. Is it possible to run this simulation using Honeybee/ radiance instead of the LB component.

I am trying to speed up the simulation using Accelerad.

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