PET calculation for a set of data with over 8760 numbers

I’m going to do PET calculations for a set of environmental data. The Component of “Thermal comfort indices” seems to have a data limit of 8760. Did it right about the limitation of this component? My data is about 50,000. How can I perform calculations for this number of data? please guide me


The component checks the metrics for the HOYs input on the component. Can you share more about these 50,000 data points? What does it represent? What is the structure of this data?

Hi devang
These data are the results of the simulation by the ENVI-met. data series for air temp, RH, Wind speed and Tmrt.
I solved this problem using the “Partition List” Component and split the data into smaller clusters such as 8000.
However, I’m unaware of other solutions. I will be glad to know about alternative solutions.


Hey guys,

I’m having the same issue. 25k data… the component throw an error…
Any solution ? @chris ?


Hi @CharlesCollin, @L.Alipour,

The trick is to graft the inputs of the THI component.
Check the attached .gh file.
The “solarRadiationPerHour_” input has been grafted in order to enable calculation on multiple points.
Calculation is a bit slow, as THI component was made on the very start to calculate a single location (point)'s index value. What grafting does it basically bypassing this limitation, by forcing the THI component to recalculate. (500.9 KB)

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