Phase Change material

Hello everyone;

I read what Chris had suggested about simulating PCMs and trying to do it. I got some errors. Here is the file.…

Thank you (597 KB)

Hi Amir,

In addition to the string you plugged into additionalStrings, you’d have to define a few more E+ classes for the simulation to run correctly.


HeatBalanceAlgorithm - the Algorithm must be set ConductionFiniteDifference

an additional Class:

HeatBalanceSettings:ConductionFiniteDifference(If I remember correctly, the default settings were fine)

I coded some components that automatically concatenated these strings, but I can’t remember where I placed them. I’ll see if I can find them.

Found them.

I haven’t touched them in a long time but I think they still work.

Do note though that I did those as an exercise/attempt to understand the legacy code so they’re not fully integrated into HB. (66.5 KB)

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Hello! I’m also currently working on a related research, for the energy calculation of pcm I can’t solve it at the moment, can you give me your file to study it please? I’m downloading it now and it’s not working anymore.