Phase Changing Material

Hi guys,
I read the old posts in this forum, but i don’t understand how I can set the PCM in my wall in Honeybee.
I tried to set the material in “00_base_file” but it doesn’t work.
I tried to set the material in panel and later in layer of construction but honeybee reads only normal caratteristic of opaque material and not melt-point or enthalpy.
I read the post of Chris where he explained how to use the additionaStrings input of the simulation component but I cannot understand what is the input.
Can you help me??

I can use Archsim because setting PCM is really simple but still I don’t know how to set a green Facade in one wall.
Sorry for my question but I’m new in Grasshopper


I second this question… If I get a chance to share results I would.