Phasing out Ladybug Tools Dynamo Packages in favor of using RhinoInside Revit

Hello everyone,

Some of you might have seen my post on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for the same topic. I’m also sharing it here to get your feedback if you don’t use any of the other platforms.

We have been thinking to stop the development of our packages for DynamoBIM in favor of using RhinoInside in Revit. We would like to know how this change will affect your work before making the final decision.

I should add that we are experimenting with providing a Ladybug Tools Plugin for Revit. That will make it possible to use the plugins directly from Revit or import the mode generated by the Revit plugin in Dynamo using Ladybug Tools Python libraries but you will be responsible for developing the code in Dynamo.

Let us know your thoughts.


For me it makes sense to focus on Rhino/Grasshopper and RhinoInside Revit.


I prefer the development for RhinoInside Revit.


Does this mean the organization would pause to look for solutions to current basic issues occurring in the nodes running on current version of Revit and Dynamo? If yes, I understand and will look elsewhere for solutions. Being a fairly new Dynamo user I don’t have much understanding in coding but do see the advantages in the possibility of using Refinery together with current Ladybug, Honeybee and other nodes to help inform the design process. I do wish that I had come across these nodes in working order two years ago instead of now though. Thanks for your community efforts in trying to bring these package accessible.

Will be unfortunate to see Ladybug tools go from Dynamo. Haven’t tried RhinoInside, does it require Rhino license on the machine? If so, that will be huge roadblock, implementing new software into an office is not easy. Aside the license, interoperability between Dynamo and Revit should work the best.
Please release final update for the tools before discontinuing support, if you decide to do so

I feel it would be a shame to discontinue support for Dynamo. Increasingly, Dynamo is being explored to improve workflows in the office. Presumably RhinoInside requires a full Rhino license and it is unlikely this would be purchased for use in the office. Much the same thoughts and concerns as Rodion.

Thank you for your comments.

RhinoInside will need a Rhino license. We understand that not every office wants to purchase a license of Rhino. We are currently exploring our options for Revit (not Dynamo). We have been in touch with the Dynamo team too. There are minimum needs that should be provided from the Dynamo team before we can continue any meaningful development of the Dynamo packages. Until then we do not have a plan for continuing the development for Dynamo.


Thank you for the update. Will be great to see how the tools unfold. As long as it stays in Revit eco-system, it will have a great advantage for Revit/Dynamo Users. Refinery will probably play a big part in the future, having the tools interact with Refinery will introduce new ways to analysis the projects that we didn’t have before.
Hope to hear more in the future

Thank you for making it clear that Ladybug Tools for Dynamo is NOT
. I wish this message would be transmitted to all the YouTube enthusiasts who swear that Ladybug Tools still functions in new releases of Dynamo.

It is such a pleasure to work with Ladybug Tools in Grasshopper, so I look forward to testing out RhinoInside Revit this week. Great work guys, keep up the amazing progress.

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