Dynamo Laybug vs Ladybug Tools

As per @mostapha post, I understand that Ladybug for Dynamo is no longer being actively developed. There are also some known issues with getting ladybug to work on Dynamo 2.X. This appears to be a pathing issue, caused by the change in version 1.X to 2.X. By my questions has to do with accuracy and compatiability.

As I understand it, Ladybug for Dynamo was using the early versions of LB+, that is, using ‘recipes’ in the form of external python files so that they were software agnostic. The latest Ladybug Tools (LBT) for Grasshopper works in a similar way. So my questions are:

  1. Is there any difference between the two python libraries (Dynamo vs LBT), say ‘sunpath.py’? And,

  2. Assuming the re-pathing issue is fixed, could one simply copy the py files from LBT and paste them into the Dynamo folder and they would be up-to-date and compatiable?

If the libraries cannot be simply updated, I’m guessing the best way forward is to use Rhino.Inside?


anyone? @mostapha @chris

Hi @PaulWintour I perfer to use Rhino Inside Revit instead of Dynamo.

Thanks but that wasn’t really my question