Photochromic glass and electrochromic glass in glazing material

how can i define photochromic glass and electrochromic glass in glazing material for analysing daylight simulation?

Typically, you would assign multiple values, based on tinting, to the glass and then run them as separate simulations. My colleague @fazel.ganji had a worked on a related project a while ago:
I believe he had used Ladybug for some aspects of the simulation.


Hi Maryam,
I would suggest to use LBNL WINDOW tool. In the glazing library they have both photochromic and electrochromic system. You need to generate BSDF (xml format) file for each tinting state of each system, After that you can use it for daylighting simulation.



Hi @fazel.ganji,

Thank you for your guidance

I had two impressions of your guidance that I don’t know which you mean:
1-Use Window 7 software, which I unfortunately don’t have any access to this software license.
2-Using Honeybee tab.11 that is about THERM I find nothing about chromic glass in the material library.

though, can you guide me another path or send me a file or photo to find out how to define them?

thank you for help


  1. The window software is freeware and can be downloaded from
  2. Once you generate the xml file for each tinting state as @fazel.ganji suggested, you can assign them as radiance material like shown in the image below;
    (Please igore the red ovals in the image)

You can also reach out to manufacturers and they will provide you with xml files. Not necessarily verified, but it’s a quick way to get files.

Not trying to plug Halio, but I have their .xml files. Unfortunately they seem to be too big to upload to this forum though.