Photovoltaics simulation result



Daylight and Energy simulations save analysis result and geometry file externally thus it’s very useful to retrieve back for further analysis. It might be sound a little bit demanding since a lot of features already implemented HB and LB, however small tweak on “Photovoltaic analysis components” would be really helpful. For example, I have run a PV optimization for external shade but let’s say I haven’t recorded the shapes that generated through the process, then it’s almost impossible to do analysis unless your optimization software exports the results in somewhere. Also, it would be such a consistent and same hierarchical component like energy analysis and daylighting analysis if there would be analysis geometry file name as an input and result file and study folder as an output.
What is your opinion on this, anybody has a good suggestion?

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TLNR: file name, result file, study folder nodes (features) should be added on photovoltaics surface component