Photovoltaik Generator poweroutputperModule?


can somebody define me what the powerOutput per Module consists of? I found this formular online E* A* r* H* PR.

E = Energy (kWh)
A = Total solar panel Area (m²)
r = solar panel yield
H = annual average irradiation on tilted panels
PR = perfomance ratio, coefficent for losses

I am getting for my panels good results (around 300 to 500kWh), but the generator doesnt want to work.

  1. Error! According to your inputs solar panels cover more than 100% of the surface area of the Honeybee surface shdSrf_0_0_1ebecae6-e0d3-4cc9-8bd7-7aeeb73e73ce
    Are you sure that the power rating and the number of modules on each surface is correct and that units are in meters?
    This value is calculated from the total power output of each PV generator (The sum of each PV module in that generator) divided by the surface area of the surface they are mounted on.

So i tried different power outputs and under 100 it does work. What is wrong here ?

I found the mistake, i misscalculated the annual solar radiation.