Placing points on a curve instead of a straight line


Please take a look at my script and image, I am using grasshopper and ladybug components.

here is the link I am unable to directly upload the files here as I am new ;(

I essentially want to make sure that the louvres can be added along a curve instead of just a straight line please see the image attached. I suppose I would need to use a target curves, and the rectangles should be points on that curve so then they could pivot on the curve depending on the sun.

The first image with the yellow line sketch and points in a straight line is what the script currently does, and the curved line beneath with points is how I would like the script to align the points.

The purpose of the script is to show the rotation of louvres dependant on the position of the sun.

If you could help me do this I would greatly appreciate it its quite urgent, I am quite new at this I am sorry if there are naive questions or mistakes.

Thank you so much for your help