Please help me to simplified the workflow and how to get the custom result?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project that involves energy simulation, and although it may seem simple, it does have some complexity to it. In the past, I have used eQUEST for energy simulation, but I am relatively new to using Grasshopper. My initial impression is that it can be challenging to build the geometry from CAD plans, but that may just be due to my lack of familiarity with the program. It has taken me about a week to build the model, with some guidance from other models.

Project (363.6 KB)

I am currently seeking assistance in two areas. Firstly, I am looking for advice on how to simplify my workflow when setting up the model from CAD drawings, particularly for larger projects. I am hoping to find the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this.

Secondly, I need to calculate the EUI (energy use intensity) of each room type, separated by lighting and other energy sources, as well as by ground and top floors. I also need to know how to obtain the output files for these results, and how to add separate energy meters for specific rooms or HVAC systems. Any guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @Fiona ,

Have you tried the Pollination Rhino Plugin?

I know that it is not free but it is fully integrated with Ladybug Tools so that you can build the geometry and things like your schedules in Rhino and just import it to Grasshopper for simulation and custom types of analyses. And there are a lot of video tutorials that answer all of your questions better than any solution that can be offered with the LBT Grasshopper plugin alone:

Not that you can’t do it with the LBT Grasshopper components but it’s just a lot faster and easier with the Pollination Rhino plugin.

Also, given that you only seem to be simulating one building, I would stick to modeling your case here with Honeybee and you don’t really need the Dragonfly components.

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FYI, the Pollination Rhino plugin has a pretty good exporter to eQuest if you find that you need to fall back on your older workflows:

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Thank you @chris
I‘ll try it later.

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