Please hlep me ; how to solve this problem? I am very thank you!

  1. Solution exception:Failed to load values:
    Failed to find probes folder folder at C:\Users\dell\butterfly\case\postProcessing\probes



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@TheodorosGalanos @mostapha

I’m currently having the exact same issues, is there a solution to this yet?

The Butterrfly_loadprobesvalue components are failing to find the probe folder. It is attempting to find the probe folder in "Users\username\butterfly\indoor_airflow\postProcessing\probes, but I can see that this folder “postProcessing” does not exist. I can see there is a probes document in “systems” folder. I also attempted to create a probes folder to a new “postProcessing” folder.

FYI, I have also done the following:

  • I am using Rhino in Admin (the file is in meters)
  • I have BlueCFD 2017 installed
  • I don’t have any spaces/gap in my username
  • Even when I try to use the script from the example files folder (that comes with the butterfly installation download), it comes up with the same error message as a red component.

I have checked many other forums and I can’t find any that have been completely solved or recognised the cause of this issue, unfortunately.

@devang @xiaopeng_Li

I’m having the same issues too…
It was running well, but at some point it started to fail.