Plenitude of non working viewers

I did not manage to get the model shown in aragog, only this Spider gbXML Viewer
resulted in heavily corrupted visualisation. Of course this might be a transposition problem citygml to gbXML, but I dout since the FZK Viewer works for the GML.
Many thanks for ideas

if you use python there is the honeybee_vtk that you can use to generate interactive html viewer files.

from honeybee.model import Model
import honeybee_vtk
import honeybee_vtk.model

hbmodel = Model.from_file('model.hbjson')

model_vtk = honeybee_vtk.model.Model.from_hbjson(
        hbmodel.to_hbjson('.', '.', 3))


hopefully that is helpful

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Many thanks. I noticed for the web viewer version that global co-ordinates are resulting in cracked surfaces. May be some problems with the floating point operation. With local co.ordinates the problems are minor, but still some weird planes exist.