Plenum not assigned to zone


For some reason I can´t assign plenum to some ceiling zones. It works with simple boxed geometry but with my model doesn´t work. Maybe complex geometry?

Lomond House NZ (850.6 KB)

The error:

  1. Solution exception:C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\model\LightsDefinition.cpp@354 : Calculation would require division by zero.

The readme:
Current document units is in Meters
Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
Current working directory is set to: C:\ladybug\Lomond\test\Test\OpenStudio
Can’t find ddy file next to the EPW.
Extreme values from the weather file design will be used instead.
Runtime error (ApplicationException): C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\model\LightsDefinition.cpp@354 : Calculation would require division by zero.

line 5649, in script
line 3609, in setLightingDefinition, “”
line 5466, in main, “”

Thanks !