Plenum spaces included in total area



Here is something I noticed.

I am working on a multistory building with over 300+ zones. I have included plenum spaces using the plenum component. When I looked at my results (in the HTML output) i noticed that the plenum spaces were included in the total area.

I looked inside the plenum component and saw that is set not to have it included yet it still does. so I am thinking there is a bug somewhere.

I double checked my model by looking at the Openstudio file in the OS app and saw that the plenum area is being included there too.


It is a bug if the area is included but should be easy to fix. I’ll check this tomorrow.


@FabianPosadas, can you confirm that you’re using the OpenStudio component? I checked with EnergyPlus component and it works fine. I’m going to fix it in the OpenStudio component.

This also gives me an excuse to expose zone volume and area in Honeybee.


@mostapha yes I been working off the openstudio component. Thanks!


Thanks for taking this one, @mostapha !


It should be fixed now. Thanks @FabianPosadas for reporting the issue. Give it a try and let us know if there is still an issue.


Thank you again mostapha!



So I tested the component and i found that it still gets the area included.

When i plug in the zones to the floor normal component to collect kbtu/ft2 results of the cooling I notice that the values don’t match. The image below show the difference in results when plugging in the hbzones into the floor normal component. One has both the zone and the plenum space (same as what is connected into OS component). The other only has the zone connected into the hbzone input of the floor normal. If the plenum is not included in area both results would look identical.

to double check I looked at the OS app and found that it is included there as well.

When looking in the idf editor i see that input is left blank which ends up including it by default. also noticed that the volume and ceiling height inputs were left blank even though i entered values in setZoneProp component.

image (673.0 KB)



Hi @FabianPosadas, I updated your definition and ran a test and it works as expected. Try this file: (681.5 KB)

Also you don’t need to reset the partOfArea input to False for plenum. It is False by default. See the file.


Its working well! Thanks @mostapha