Plotting extra annualHourly Data on sunPath using Ladybug

Hi everyone!

Besides the Weather File (EPW), is it possible to plot any other annualHourly Data on the sunPath, using Ladybug?

Basically I imported the EPW file, articulated some of its variables (temperature, RH…) in an equation and would like to finally plot the equation’s results on the sunpath (as it is possible to do with temperature or RH separately). The equation is running accordingly (despite being marked in red), however once I connect the outputs to annualHourlyData no data is collected and the “suns” are not coloured in ranges.

any ideas?
thank you very much

Hi @eduardo.pizarro,
First separate data types(Numbers from the Text strings) by using Ladybug_Separate data component.
The outputs include headers, data type, timeStep etc. and the main data as numbers. Before any operation must be separated.

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@eduardo.pizarro, Also, If you want to plot more annual data separately JUST plug into annualHourlyData_ input.

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Hi @OmidmRashidi, thanks for your reply!
It was really good advice for the equation (it is not marked in red anymore).
However, now even the sunpath data (sun position, sun vectors…) is not working properly.

There is a warn on the sunpath: 1. At least one of the input data lists is not a valid ladybug hourly data! Please fix this issue and try again! List number = 1

any further ideas? thanks!

For the annualHourlyData you need to connect the, say, hourly data but with a valid header. Use the LB_CreateHeader component for that.


Many thanks, @AbrahamYezioro!
I tried the LB_CreateHeader and still not working…
Any other advice? Thanks!

You should provide all the inputs to the Ladybug_Create Ladybug component. Please read the input descriptions and provide values accordingly.

Also, looks like your data will be 8760 values, so no need to supply analysisperiod to the Ladybug_Create Header component. You can supply the analysisperiod to the Sunpath directly.

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