PMV Comfort recipe error

Dear ladybug community,

I am using LBT 1.5.0. and I tried to run a comfort map recipe on my model. Unfortunately it fails and I am not sure what could be the cause:

"*6 failed:

  • 2 CreateAirTemperatureMap
  • 2 CreateLongWaveMrtMap
  • 2 CreateRelHumidityMap

It does not seem to be an installation problem since the recipe runs on other model.
Does this type of error could be cause by geometry problem? (437.2 KB)

Thank you for your help!

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Please upload files that only use LBT-Grasshopper components (not everone has TTToolbox).

Also, make sure that you update to LBT 1.5 before posting on the forum to make sure that this issue is not already fixed.


yes - I did clean the model now to 1.5.0 and no TTtoolbox but the error persists.
Thanks for your help! (425.7 KB)


I had a similar issue with some recipes. The solution I have found is running Rhino as Administrator. For some reason Rhino not always run as Administrator.
Hope this helps. It worked for me.

I was wondering if you solved the problem, because I’m having the same problem now.

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Same here!

Have you solved the problem?