PMV "failed create map" error

Hi everyone,

I am still here due to the constant errors given by the PMV simulation that I am trying to perform. Thank you for the advice you have given to me, but as soon as I can fix a problem, another one appears immediately afterwards and I cannot finish the simulation.

If I start the simulation in OSM everything works correctly (apart from some errors, but they are not fatal, such as to drastically terminate the simulation). I attach both the image and the log that generates the OSM component.

OSM_log.txt (10.2 KB)

On the other hand, I recognize that there were some errors regarding the epw/ddy files, the orphan subfaces and connection of the rooms, so I fixed them, but about the PMV, if I start the simulation, it generates other errors than before now. I tried reading the log, spotting fatal errors in some rooms (which you can see in the image) where the simulation fails to create map temperature, humidity, and others. I am also attaching the PMV log hoping that you can help me to understand where I am wrong in being able to finish this simulation once and for all. Thank you very much!!

PMV_log.txt (645.7 KB)

I fixed the issue checking if the simulation worked fine with every component of the algorithm, starting from the beginning. So the problem was the program schedule created with the “Fixed interval schedule” component: altough the values created by a python script matched with the analysis period, tha simulation recreate the fatal warnings that you can see in the previously image. So I put the same values into the “Weekly schedule” component and now it works fine.

Maybe there is a problem with the “Fixed interval schedule” component script. Or maybe it is enough to solve the problem with LB version because I made the switch before moving on to the weekly component.

Thank you for the solution @chris !

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