PMV simulation errors with custom occupancy schedules

Hi everyone, I started using the LBT 1.4 version and I must say that compared to version 1.3 it is really more stable. However someone can tell me why every time I insert occupancy schedules the HB PMV component gives me the error “failed: CreatemodelOccSchedules”?

If, on the other hand, I remove the schedules, I still can’t go on with the simulation because there is the other “CreateWea” error.

Kindly, I need help, thank you so much.

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

Can you upload a minimal sample file that recreates the issue? It seems that you’ve managed to create an occupancy schedule that the recipe isn’t able to support. At the least, we should be catching this and making sure that the whole recipe does not fail.

Hi @chris ,

thank you for the reponse. This is the best sample I can recreate as there are a few more errors like “CreateViewFactorsModifiers” and “RunEnergySimulation”. But in the full file there is only (and still persists) the “CreateModelOccSchedules” as you can see. I don’t understand where the problem is as it seems that the occupancy schedule’s number values matches correctly with the run_period.

Sample (390.3 KB)

Also I fixed the “Create Wea” error. It seems that Honeybee doesn’t like the *.epw file I created with Ecotect software, so I replaced with an other general epw from the internet.

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

I merged a fix for the occupancy schedules into the latest development version of the plugin:

You can get it with the LB Versioner in an hour or so.

Also, you are not using the _met_rate_ and _clo_value_ inputs correctly. If you want to simulate changing clo/met values over time (as opposed to running a different thermal map simulation for each clo value), you need to connect a data collection like so:

The same thing can be done with metabolic rate by creating a data collections using the MetabolicRate data type in the header.

Yep, in fact the simulation finishes and restarts per every string of the cloth values. Thank you so much for your great help, I think I have everithing now to work the simulation properly. :star_struck:

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how to visualize the result into map?

Hi, you can visualize the map result linking the PMV outputs (Temperature/Condition/PMV) to the HB Read Thermal Matrix component and so to the HB Visualize Thermal Map. Remember to join the meshes of model and flatten the results if nothing happens. :slight_smile:

Canvas at 11;37;04