PMV Thermal Map Visualization - What is it actually reporting?

Hi Beekeepers!

I have a query regarding the comfort matrix thermal maps that are generated in Honeybee. Hopefully its just a simple one. When running a PMV comfort analysis, and connecting either the pmv or ‘condition’ result to the visualise thermal map component, what is the default view actually showing? The title would say something like 1/12 to 30/3 between 8 and 17 @ 1. I thought perhaps this was showing the result at timestep 1, for my analysis period, but if I plug in 1 at the timestep, it breaks it down into an obvious hourly result.

I’m wondering then, perhaps the default view is an overall summary of the analysis period, but how is it computing this summary? Is it giving a % result ? Is it an average result per sensor point ? This isn’t made clear anywhere in the primer documents and I can’t find a previous post mentioning this (so apologies if this has already been answered).