Pollination for Revit - support for learners? (Videos? Sample files?)

Kia ora koutou

I have a “Sustainable Engineering” course running in the Spring Trimester from July to October where students will work through the various youtube videos and the associated sample files. in order to examine the energy efficiency options that will achieve a medium scale NetZero office building in context of downtown Wellington.

At the same time as they are doing my course, the students are also doing a Revit-based course where they are learning the issues and the conventions of construction documentation in the context of similar medium-scale office building.

I am interested to work more closely with my construction colleague, but I cannot find similar sample files or videos for the Pollination/Revit combo.
Before I invest any more time in planning the 12 weeks of 2 x 1 hour tutorials per week - am I missing a link somewhere?

Thanks in anticipation of your response.


This seems like it would be a better question for the Pollination forum. https://discourse.pollination.cloud/

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