Pollination Revit Plugin: Energy list in geometry class is "null"


I exported a Revit model as a .hbjson file using the Revit Pollination plugin. I followed the steps exactly as mentioned in this particular video: Detailed Export of Analytical Model from Pollination Revit Plugin - YouTube. During export, in building properties step, I had selected “Global Construction Set” for the construction set. But, after the export, when I checked the geometry part of the .hbjson file, the energy list inside the geometry class is null for all the faces (walls, windows, doors). Please refer to the screenshots attached.


Please tell me how to properly export a Revit file so that the energy parameters such as the global construction set are linked to the geometry. Please share with me a .hbjson file that has all the energy and radiance parameters in it if you can :slight_smile:

Hi, @Ramana - You should post this question to the Pollination discourse forum:

Also, please include the version of the Revit plugin so we can try to recreate the issue. Thanks!