Possibility of Shading protector over sunpath

I am doing a study of window shading and i wanted to know is there possibility of visualising shading protector (as in ecotect analysis) over a sun path or shading mask.

Yes you can use shading mask tool available in ladybug

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Thanks for the reply @NIKHIL but i wanted to know is it possible to create a shadow protector over the shading mask as we can do in tool like ecotect.

Try the LB_SunShades_Calc, which can give you the shape of the shade element according to the analysis period you choose. See the example on hydra.

@Asisnath check this example file http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=chriswmackey&fork=hydra_2&id=Shading_Strategies_On_Sun_Path&slide=1&scale=1&offset=0,0
I think you want to do this.

Thank you @AbrahamYezioro and @NIKHIL .I will run through it.