Possibility to change ventilation supply air temperature in case of RadiantwithDOAS system


I am using the RadiantwithDOAS system for my building performance simulation and I would like to able to change the ventilation supply temperatures (which are 21.1 C at low outdoor temperature and 15.5 C at high outdoor temperature by default). The ventilation system has a huge impact on the energy demand of a building and the ventilation supply temperatures should be input parameters in the HVAC module so we can change them to simulate different ventilation systems.

Would it be possible to add the ventilation supply temperatures as input for the RadiantwithDOAS module?

Thank you for taking into consideration my request.

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Hi @Helga ,

For this, I think the best route for you is to use Ironbug. There are over 20 different setpoint managers there, that will let you customize the controls of the DOAS temperature whatever way you like:

And note that Ironbug has some templates for radiant systems to get you started:

But I’ll admit there is a learning curve to it, even though it’s definitely the route that allows for the most customization. If you want a quicker hack, I can also point you to some cases where I wrote a small post-processing component that changes the DOAS setpoints of the template systems:

Hi @chris,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I am using the honeybee package directly in python.

In the reference you sent it is using the getSetpointManagerOutdoorAirResets() function on the OpenStudio model. Is there a way to apply a similar setpoint manager on the honeybee model? For the simulation, I would like to run the idf file instead of the osm.