Possibility to convert and use a TRY Weather file data, which is not an EPW, STAT, DDY file format

Hallo Dear Ladybug community,

for a Project is expressly requested the use of a TRY weather file, that comes from the official German data center (DWD), therefore it has a different extension and data structure from the canonical EPW, STAT, etc, format. I attached a example file.
There is probably no component to make this type of file work with Ladybug, but is there any method to fix the problem? Maybe an automatic converter?

Thanks and greetings

TRY2015_490988084336_Jahr.dat (669.3 KB)

Perhaps super late… but I just made run the TRY weatherfile in Ladybug =)

To convert the TRY.dat file into .Epw File i used this IBK Climate Editor:
After saving the data as an Epw.file you have to make sure it has a second “Comment line”, like the ladybug-weather-file. (You can use Excel for that). Sadly stat-file or ddy-files are ofc not encluded.

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