Possibility to see a status simulation

Dear @chris,

sorry if I disturb you.
I would be very curious to know if there would be a way to see the status of a simulation (like this raw example).
if I started one of the many possible analyzes component in Ladybug.

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For what simulation do you not already have a progress report from the batch window? For cases like EnergyPlus, the clearly-written sdtout from the batch window is probably better than any % progress (those % bars are never accurate and it’s much clearer to know the date of the simulation for E+).

Or are you referring to the new LBT 1.1.0 Radiance recipes, where the sdtout is a lot less readable? For that we have something in the works, that will allow you to see the real-time execution of the recipe steps in a web browser as they happen like so:

You can actually get that progress now buy typing luigid into a command prompt and going to http://localhost:8082/ in your browser.

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Dear Chris,
me personally yes, I mainly use Radiance Recipes.
With the new LBT, compared to the Legacy version, the prompt tells you how many processes remain for the end of the simulation, but it is not always easy to read and illustrative like per example a percentage bar.
A possible duration of the analysis is also difficult to estimate, right?

Very interesting the real-time execution!!

As always thanks for your kindness.

One thing to keep in mind is that, whenever you see a % bar from any software, it’s never really a reflection of how much time is left. It’s just a reflection of “how much of the task is done”. So we probably could add a % bar at some point but, just like all % bars, all that it will really show is the % of the tasks out of the total tasks that are complete. So we can do this eventually if you think it is helpful but just bear in mind that % doesn’t represent a consistent increment of time across the simulation.

And, there’s no good way to give an estimate for how long a simulation would take without removing the option to edit certain parameters. Maybe we could give a time estimate with large error bars for default Radiance parameters but there’s no way to figure out how long it will take when you have the option to edit several different Radiance parameters, all of which interact with each other in complex ways.


Very interesting to know Chris.

Thanks for the clarification, I am glad that this idea can be considered in the future.


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