Possibilty of creating rotated sun shade with ladybug

I would like to create sunshades that are not vertical or horizontal. Is this possible with ladybug or is there another tool more adept at creating sun shades?

Ii is easy to generate angled sun shade using Ladybug ShadingDeigner Compotent. You can use shading angle to control the shape.
Here is the grasshooper definition.
angle sun shade generate.gh (376.5 KB)

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There is also the LB_SunShades_Calc component. An example can be found at hydra, here.

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That is helpful but what I need is more like this. The way I phrased it may be confusing. I wanted rotated sun shades.

@AbrahamYezioro I used the example but having a shadeSurface flattens all of the output surfaces.

SunShadesCalculator_mine.gh (426.8 KB)
sunShadesCalculator_problem.3dm (79.5 KB)

I would try the option of using the shadeSurface_ input.
I believe the example in hydra includes this option (just enable the surface).
In any case you would not achieve an output as you show, but you’ll get “nice” possibilities.
Let me know if you manage with this. It’s been a while since i uploaded the example.

Thank you for responding. I tried to use a shadeSurface and it creates sun shades all in the same plane as the shadeSurface. I went back and try it on the example in hydra and I have the same results.

I did not change anything except changing the ShadeSurface maybe more inputs need to be changed to make different ShadeSurfaces work?
Both of these are suppose to create two shading surfaces.

The shadeSUrface allows you to supply a “general” surface shape. It will be trimmed according to the sun vectors.
It doesn’t work for more than one surface input. You can, though, combine the result with the option “pergola” on the SurfaceOrPergola input…
Alternatively you can define a smaller window (like a module of the total one), use the surface option and then copy the result for all other parts of the window. It requires more work on your side.

Having a component that provides all intentions of the designer is extremely difficult, as you can see here.


I have no idea if this is what you want but you can rotate your geometry of the shades like I did in the file here… angle sun shade generate_EC.gh (380.0 KB)

That is very helpful! I am a lot less confused now.

Thank you

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