Possible Bug on Sunshade_calculator NOV/20/2018 0.067

Hello! I’m using and example i found in this forum, which has the sunshade calculator version from JUL/28/2018. I tried both versions on the same file, but the newer version fails to generate several fins. Same inputs, same file and the component its only able to deliver one shading surface.
Sorry i can’t help any more as i’m totally illiterate to python.
Here version 0.065 working ok in red, and 0.068 in green with same inputs
the errors listed in the component are same in both, aparently it doesn’t modify the result.

  1. Convex Hull: input 2 plane. error: Data conversion failed from Goo to Plane
  2. Convex Hull: solver component. error: Data conversion failed from Goo to Plane

SunShade.gh (414.9 KB)

Is the correct place to post this kind of question?

@jlgrobe hi, I have tried your gh file using rhino 5 and 6 . In rhino5, it works fine. In rhino 6, it gave me the same error as yours.

Rhino 5 result screenshot

This is indeed the place to post this question.
For some reason R6 is giving trouble for some of the inputs.
Attached a working version where the SurfaceOrPergola will work. What happened is that the panel input number was not recognized as such in R6 with the default input type. Attached a fixed version for that.

The warning (orange color) is a different issue that i’m trying to tackle. It is not preventing the output to be created but it needs to be addressed.
@AntonelloDiNunzio, do you have ideas to solve this one?
SunShade(1)_AY.gh (509.0 KB)

Hi @AbrahamYezioro,

the warning was because of a wrong input type in the Convex Hull method of ghc.
I have changed a couple of lines.
SunShade_AY_DNA.gh (505.7 KB)


Thanks @AntonelloDiNunzioIt solves the case but creates a severe error when you input a shadeSurface_
I fixed this in lines 521 and on.

Now it works fine (though i suspect we have some mistake using angles in the code, confusing radians and degrees). I’ll let you know if this is so.

In the meantime, @jlgrobe grobe, attached a working version. After i check a couple of things mnore i will sync it in the github.
SunShade_AY1_DNA.gh (516.8 KB)